Children of the 21st century are different. They
are born in the era of technology, surrounded
by gadgets, smart phones and gaming 
consoles. They have been provided
with entertainment within the
boundaries of their household. 
Back in times kids used to have a life of their own 
 which was not dependent upon any phones or consoles.
  Children used to play outside all day,  riding bicycles,
			playing and inventing new games etc.

Children now rely on technology for the majority of their play, limiting challenges to their creativity and imaginations as well as limiting necessary challenges to their bodies to achieve optimal sensory and motor development.

For encountering this problem parents have to play a very dominant (but strategic) role in order to create a balance between gadget usage and physical activity. For kids, exercise sounds really boring therefore incorporation of the following activities in the lives of the children would help greatly in the healthy development of mind and body.

Encouraging activities like skipping, walking, running
helps in strengthening of the bones, enhances 
growth and builds stamina. Muscle development 
also helps  in building a healthy body with games
such as tug  of war, monkey bars, climbing 
trees  etc. 

Taking exercise in its literal meaning will put off
your child’s mind away from it, that’s why exercises
should be designed in the form of fun activities
which helps them in enjoying outdoor activities. 
The physical activity is not just confined 
to healthy growth but it’s a savior to 
obesity, autism, and coordination 


Parents are the role model for the kids. Therefore adopting and
encouraging small habits like taking stairs rather than elevator,
going on a walk, dancing  or socializing etc. can help a lot in initiating
and adopting outdoor activities.

Health should always be your first priority! 

“Healthy kids are happy kids!”