Are your kids glued to the television? Or busy playing games on the playstation? Don’t think they’re engaged in activities that are healthy enough? It is often not easy to get your kids involved in activities that are fun, but at the same time health related. So how to get them excited for “cool” activities? You don’t really have to think out of the box and come up with something extraordinary and stress yourself out unnecessarily.

Kids love playing with play dough. Making different shapes in different sizes is a great way to learn and initiate creative thinking. So can it be made more healthy? How about you replace the play dough with fruits? Fruit art is an interesting, and fun activity whereby fruits are sliced into different shapes and sizes and made into funny faces, animals or anything that your kids want to make. Of course it’s dangerous for them to be playing with knives and cutters. Provide them with plastic knives and let them lose with their imagination. If they insist on refining their creations, be sure you’re the one using the cutter or any sharp object that would provide finesse to their masterpiece.

Fruit Art

Fruit art doesn’t mean you restrict yourselves to only fruits. Vegetables can also be used to create interesting objects. Or the two can be used together to make something uniquely special! While they’re busy doing this fascinating activity, you can tell facts and benefits of each fruit or vegetable that your child is using. So not only would this be a creative healthy activity, there would be something to learn as well!

Fruit Art

Although fruit art is something that kids will enjoy, it is also important to brief them on how not to waste food. Just like customized cakes have favorite characters on them and kids devour them happily, similarly the objects they create with fruits and vegetables must not be wasted, but consumed later on as well.

If you think fruit art is something that will make your kitchen a messy hell, you can always slice fruits into alphabets or other easy objects that will make kids want to eat fruits willingly.